Heya! Welcome to sillyvizion's commission carrd!
See below for prices, and further below for ToS and info!

Want something not listed here? Feel free to ask me for a quote!
All prior discussions are no strings attached!

Thanks for reading! You can contact me for commission
inquiries via Twitter, Discord or Email.

I look forward to working with you!

Heya! I'm V, a 22 year old illustrator from England!
I've been drawing seriously for 13 years, and doing commission work for 10 years. I specialize in character illustration and design, I'm a huge fan of Toony things!

I'm a disabled artist, and commissions are what keep me afloat currently!

I'm committed to giving my clients a friendly and enjoyable experience through and through! You can count on me to be approachable, accommodating and determined to see your ideas through to the end!

Terms of Service

My ToS is subject to the change at any time, however, you agree only to the ToS when your order was placed and processed. My prices are also subject to change at any time.

My waiting lists/queues are generally private, feel free to ask if you have any inquiries about either.

Please discuss with me if you need a commission done by a particular date.
I am a disabled artist, and my illness is unpredictable by nature! I will communicate with my clients, but I ask for your understanding when working with me.
Thank you!

Ordering Process

❥ All payment is taken upfront via Paypal only, using the invoice feature, unless discussed otherwise.
Please contact me about payment plans for orders above 70 USD in value.

❥ When ordering, please PM/email me (on the relevant platform), and have your ref images ready. I will confirm details (expression/pose/etc) with you.
Please send me your Paypal email, and I will then invoice you for the amount agreed on. Tips are welcome but not obligatory!

❥ I will traditionally send WIPs at the sketch and line stages (depending on the commission).
Certain commission types are exempt from this, but you may ask for any WIP I do not offer by default.

❥ Edits are best made during the WIP stages. When the image is complete, any mistakes on my part will be fixed for no charge,
but if you want something changed that was not previously agreed on, it may be subject to an extra fee depending on complexity.
Images completed without WIPs are exempt from this charge.

❥ I retain the right to post all artwork I produce on my various platforms. Unless offered by me (the artist), private commissions may incur a fee.
I will credit the client where applicable, unless you wish to stay anonymous. Full reproduction rights are detailed below.


❥ All commissions cancelled by me (the artist) will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

❥ Commissions cancelled by the client may be subject to a partial refund. A refund will be given in accordance to how much work has already been done.
If no work has been completed, you will receive a full refund.

❥ Out of interest of us both, if you need to cancel, please communicate with me! I am happy to work with you on a cancellation.
In the interest of transparency, the Paypal dispute window is 180 days from initial payment, should the need arise.

Will/Won't Draw

Will Draw
Human(oids); furry/anthro; rubberhose; LGBTQ+ content; ships (including poly); original content;
fanworks (of fandoms I'm familiar with); giftart (with the OC holder's permission)

May Draw
Feral; mecha; fanworks (of fandoms im unfamiliar with); backgrounds

Will Not Draw
Any content that is insensitive, harmful, or otherwise puts a group of people or identities at risk; any content that glorifies abuse;
art of personally owned OCs you do not own nor have permission to commission art of

Please ask about things not listed on here!

Reproduction Rights

❥ I (the artist) retain all reproduction rights, for use on my own galleries/platforms, or to advertise my commissions.
I retain the right to superficially edit the artwork where I see fit, such as; cropping/skewing/changing colours,
using the full image or it's individual parts (sketch/lines/etc), for purposes such as self-advertisement and portfolio usage.
I retain all commercial rights.

❥ You (the client) are granted full permission to; reprint, superficially edit, and physically reproduce for personal purposes.
This includes but is not limited to; using as an avatar, on a website theme, re-uploading to your own galleries,
creating personal-use merch (printing out, keychains, stickers, etc), cropping/skewing/changing colour levels.
You are not allowed to trace or edit the artwork beyond it's original state without permission other than the methods described above.
You are not granted permission to use the work commercially in any way, unless discussed prior.

❥ No other personal body can be granted the rights to reproduce/use the image without your (the client's) permission.
This right can be granted without my (the artist's) approval, so long as it adheres to the guidelines above.

❥ If you'd like full reproduction rights, or commercial rights, please feel free to discuss buying them from me!

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message!